Who We Are – Discodisiac


DISCO is our aphroDISIAC

Created in 2018 by entrepreneur, designer and house & techno vocalist Discodisiac (AKA Scarlett Scoggan) the brand has evolved from festival fashion into an every day, street wear style. The overall concept was created from Scarlett’s love for everything disco. Whether it be disco tiles, disco balls, disco music, and the overall disco aesthetic, disco is totally an aphrodisiac. Although the love for disco has a lot to do with the creation of the brand, the real disco inspiration comes from the shine, glimmer, and sleekness of a disco ball, in which you will see present in almost all of our unique creations.

Discodisiac is currently a one woman run business. All products are designed and hand made by Scarlett in Southern California. Not to mention, all the marketing, management, photography, product modeling, and administration. Just like all successful businesses, it always starts with one. By supporting our brand you are supporting our dream.